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The first skylight in the RSA to bring as much as possible sunlight into a dark room via the smallest possible whole in your roof.  Inventor Mr. D.J. Conradie.

He installed the first tubular skylight in 1989 using mirror like material reflecting the sunlight into the dark room.  By design, a straight down pipe did not work.  So he opened the tube towards the ceiling, miraculously all daylight was reflected downwards. This design is the big difference between Indoor Sunlight and all the imported skylights or copies thereof. 

Why Indoor Sunlight skylights?

Before Skylights
  • “Dis mos logies !!”
  • Bring a ray of sunshine to your living space…
  • Indoor Sunlight do their utmost best to install the correct size of skylight required by clients at affordable prices.
  • All skylight is guaranteed for 15 years.
  • Our skylight is a sealed unit and maintenance free.
  • Indoor Sunlight has brighten up dark rooms for the last two and a half decades. We have achieved this by using only the best quality materials without compromising the high standard of our product.
  • Some of our famous clients include: classic guitar player Trevor Nasser family, Afrikaans singer Juanita du Plessis, radio presenter Jacque Januarie and Hansie Roodt boeremusiek musician to mention only a few.
  • Companies that has made use of our services include: Eagle’s Pride Hatchery; Tucan Construction; Milton Primary School and many more.